Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier –
One of the Smallest Terrier Dog Breeds

The Yorkshire Terrier is one of the smallest terrier dogs

The Yorkshire terrier is one of the smallest breeds of terrier dogs. Its silky coat never stops growing and requires regular grooming and trimming. This makes the breed a high maintenance pet. If you’re not up for this level of upkeep, you can always pay a dog groomer to give your Yorkshire a trim. If you don’t have the time to do this, you can try to groom your Yorkshire terrier yourself.

Slender muzzle…

A Yorkshire terrier has a long, slender muzzle. Its ears are v-shaped and set high. The body is compact and hard-working. Its coat is long, smooth, and steel blue. The hair is curly and tied up with ribbon. This coat makes the Yorkshire terrier one of the most attractive tersrier dogs, as it is very easy to groom and maintain.

This terrier is one of the smallest terrier breeds. Their ideal size is approximately seven pounds. It is an ideal dog size for many owners. The AKC first recognized the breed in 1885. Because of its small size, the Yorkshire terrier is a favorite with families. Its small size does not make it a low maintenance pet, but it needs to be social with other dogs to live a happy life. Its small stature makes it an excellent companion for children and young adultsYorkies should not be allowed to jump from high places or climb stairs while they are still puppies. If you do have a small yard, a Yorkshire Terrier would fit in perfectly.

It was originally bred for hunting small animals

The Yorkshire terrier was originally bred for hunting small animals, but its size made it an ideal lap dog. They were also used to hunt vermin and mice in coal mines. The American Kennel Club records that the Yorkshire terrier was used for these purposes. Eventually, the Yorkshire grew into a fashionable lap dog. These days, the Yorkshire terrier has become one of the smallest sprightliness breeds.

A long and silky coat

The Yorkshire terrier has a long and silky coat, and its compact body makes it a popular lap dog. Despite their small size, the Yorkshire terrier is actually a sturdy lap dog that can be both playful and loyal. However, it is also prone to dental problems. The teeth of the Yorkie can be prone to tartar, and the breed can lose teeth very early on. A professional cleaning is recommended once a year.

They are also the most energetic terriers, and need daily exercise to stay healthy. A walk every day is enough to keep them fit and trim. While the Yorkshire terrior is generally a sweet, lovable dog, it is also prone to being destructive when given the opportunity.

Very active breed

Despite its tiny size, the Yorkshire terrier is a very active breed. Its heart and personality are large, and it is a wonderful companion and lapdog. Hence, the Yorkshire terrior is an excellent choice for apartment living. If you are interested in adopting a Yorkshire terrier, you should know a few things about the breed.

One thing that you should know about the Yorkshire terrier is that it is a very proud dog. This breed is usually fearless but when scared can tremble and shake violently. The Yorkshire terrier is a great pet for kids as long as you are gentle and do not pull their ears, limbs, or hair. Despite the proud look of this breed, these dogs have very active, excitable lives. They are also great companions.

The first Yorkie show was in 1861

The first Yorkie show was in 1861. The breed was then known as the broken-haired Scotch Terrier. The ‘father’ of the modern Yorkshire Terrier was Huddersfield Ben, a popular show dog. In 1870, the dog was given its name and entered the British Kennel Club stud book. A year later, in 1874, the first Yorkshire terrier club was formed in England.

The Yorkie has many peculiar characteristics, but they are usually easy to care for. They are relatively easy to exercise and feed, but they require daily grooming. The dog also retains its puppy-like personality into old age. If you want to find a companion who’s easy to care for, the Yorkshire terrier is the perfect breed. Just keep these traits in mind.





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