Stay safe on Valentine’s Day tips for Your Dog

Stay safe on Valentines Day

There are a lot of Valentines Day safety tips for your dog. First of all, never give your dog chocolate. It is very toxic for dogs. So you are not giving your dog a heart-shaped piece of chocolate;)

Valentines Day Safety Tips for Your Dog

Chocolate is
the number one danger for your dog

Chocolate is the number one danger for your dog on Valentines Day. Whether it is the dark variety or the milk variety, chocolate is toxic to many animals, especially dogs. Even a small piece can cause diarrhea, vomiting, hyperactivity, and seizures. Your dog should not be left unattended near open flames or chocolate that is too hot. In addition to being poisonous to your dog, alcohol can be harmful to your dog’s system. If you are planning a party with your friends and family, you should consider a no alcohol policy for your dogs.

If you’re having a party with your dog, make sure you keep any candy out of reach of your pet. Even sugar-free candies are harmful to dogs. Most of them contain a polyalcohol compound called xylitol. This is highly toxic for cats and dogs. Always keep these sweets out of your dog’s reach. This is one of the top Valentines Day safety tips for your dog!
If you want to make your dog a part of the celebration, consider incorporating these tips into the festivities.

Avoid giving your dog flowers

Avoid giving your dog flowers. While they are a traditional Valentines Day gift, you’d be surprised to find out that common bouquet varieties can be toxic for your dog. Some types of flowers, including roses, can cause gastrointestinal problems in dogs. They may also irritate your dog’s mouth. In addition to chocolate and candy, flowers should be kept out of reach of your pet.Additionally, they may suffocate or even choke. This isn’t the only safety tip for your dog.

Be sure to pet-proof your home to keep dangerous objects out of reach of your dog. Candles are another big source of choking hazards for your pet. Be sure to place the flowers where your dog won’t be able to reach them.

Buy them some healthy dog treats.

While your dog might not be aware of it, Valentines Day is still a fun holiday to share with your dog. Aside from being a great excuse to get chocolate, a special toy or cuddle time with your pet is the perfect way to celebrate the day. If you have a dog, he will probably be overjoyed to celebrate the holiday. If not, you can take your pup to the store and buy them some treats.

Holiday with your dog

If you are celebrating the holiday with your dog, make sure you keep them safe. You don’t want your pup to get hurt by a glass of wine or a heart-shaped candy. While you’re enjoying the holiday with your beloved pet, don’t forget to remember that candy is poisonous to pets. Similarly, don’t leave any of the tiniest items around for your dog to eat. If you do, they’ll end up with a nasty infection!


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