Hungarian Puli

Hungarian Puli – A Lovely Family Friend



The Hungarian Puli … a wonderful dog

The Hungarian Puli is a wonderful dog. They are very intelligent, and their thick coat requires plenty of attention and care. During their native Hungary, these dogs herded sheep, so their thick coat was necessary to keep out the cold and rain. Besides being a loving companion, a Hungarian Puli needs daily exercise and wide space to run around in. And just as humans need daily exercise to stay healthy, a Hungarian Pug needs regular playtime.

The Hungarian Puli is a powerful, compact breed, and one of the oldest working dogs. It is covered with profuse cords, and was bred to work in close quarters with its masters. It is a fast learner, and it is also very devoted and loyal. Although its purpose was traditionally limited to herding livestock, the modern-day Puli is a highly adaptable breed.

Physical activity needs are average

The Hungarian Puli’s physical activity needs are average, but it is crucial to give him plenty of mental stimulation. The Puli prefers a large area to play in. It can be very protective of children, but it may be too aggressive to herd children. The Hungarian Pulik is an obedient dog, but it needs to be moulded to do so. But it is worth the time and effort!

This energetic, alert dog has protective instincts. Because of its vocal nature, it can be very vocal, so it is important to teach this dog not to bark excessively. It also needs to be socialized to strangers. The Puli is extremely affectionate, but can be clingy and jealous of attention. They can be taught to accept other dogs as part of the family, and need constant supervision when in the water. A Puli should not spend long periods of time alone.


The dog  weighs 25 to 35 pounds at maturity and stands 16 to 17 inches tall (from paw to shoulder). Males tend to be slightly larger than females. They are about an inch taller than females and stand about fifteen inches tall. The Hungarian Puli is very affectionate and easy to train. They can be a great family pet. However, their corded coat is very delicate and requires special care.

The Hungarian Puli is a good family dog and can be a great addition to a family. It is a friendly and energetic dog that can easily be trained to become a loyal companion. While the Hungarian puli is not the easiest breed to train, they do enjoy the attention of their owners. They are a great companion for families and make great pets. If you are looking for a playful dog, you should consider the Hungarian puli.

It is used for herding in Hungary

The Puli is a small to medium-sized dog used for herding in their native land. Their thick, corded coat is black, white, or rusty. Adult males usually stand at 40-44cm and weigh between ten and thirteen kilograms. They are good companions, but they do require a lot of exercise and daily walks. Even though they have strong herding instincts, the Hungarian Puli is not a bad choice for urban living.

The Hungarian Puli has a soft, furry coat that is made of silk, a long and lustrous wavy coat that is a beautiful shade of brown. The Hungarian puli has a pronounced mop-like appearance that is characterized by an outgoing personality. In addition to its attractive appearance, the Hungarian puli is a great companion for families.

Enchanting dog

The Hungarian Puli is an enchanting dog that will delight you with its vibrant personality. Known for their lively and coiled coat, puli is an excellent companion for children. Their playful nature makes them a good choice for homes with small children. The dog may nudge the child away from danger. But don’t let that deter you. The adorable Hungarian wolf can be a great companion for children!

A puli is a medium-sized dog that is a herding and guarding dog. Its high drive and energy levels make it an excellent choice for households. They can live in cool and temperate climates and are perfect for herding livestock. In spite of its high energy level, they need daily exercise. They are also very smart, and are quick learners. Despite their size, puli dogs are not an ideal pet for every home, but they are a wonderful pet for those who want a family pet.

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